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Reasons why you should review your home insurance

Home insurance is something required by your mortgage lender. It is not something most people put thought into researching. You trust your insurance agent to make sure you are covered. Have you taken a good look at your home insurance recently? If the answer is no, it is time to read your declaration page. Your life is not standing still, and your home insurance shouldn’t be either. In Delran, NJ, Sandra Saunders Agency is a locally owned insurance agency that knows home values in the area and can help you make sure you have enough coverage. 

When your policy renews, it comes with a declaration page listing the amount and types of coverage you have. Deductibles are included as well. This is an important piece of paper and when it arrives, looking it over carefully is a wise idea. Things may not be the same as when you first took this policy, and this is the perfect time to make decisions about your coverage. 

You are wealthier

The liability coverage protects you if someone is injured while visiting your home or by a member of your family. While basic coverage may be enough when you were young and struggling, it may not be enough today. If your assets have risen, including your home’s value, your liability coverage needs to grow as well. You may have more valuable content and need better content coverage. 

The value of your home is higher.

House values have risen significantly, and depending on when you purchased your home, the real estate values could have risen significantly. Replacement costs have also risen. Especially if you have done major upgrades to your home, make sure the amount of insurance you have reflects its actual value. 

Contact Sandra Saunders Agency in Delran, NJ to discuss your home insurance needs. 

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